Member Factory review – Do you need MemberFactory?

Member Factory is a new membership site software by Sam Bakker, Stefan van der Vlag, and Deep Arora. The trio have set to redefine how people create membership sites by introducing MemberFactory software.

In this Member Factory review, we’ll be looking at whether Member Factory is right for you. Do you need Member Factory? What are the alternatives and are WordPress Membership plugins enough?

First, MemberFactory serves as an alternative to WordPress membership plugins. It also targets audience who are using UDemy and would like to place the course on their own membership sites. It’s also a good option for those currently using Smart Member and would like another platform to use. It can also be useful for those who currently sell eBooks on JVZoo or Clickbank as it’ll allow you to turn your course(s) to a membership site for easier content digestion and navigation for your users – a better user experience at a premium. MemberFactory also allows for easy integration to JVZoo system so all that really changes is only a better content delivery and recurring income opportunity.

Member Factory is useful for those who want to create content-based products. Creating a membership site allows you to distributed content for recurring income. You’re better able to provide update to the content and control your content distribution. Membership sites are harder to be copied than simple eBooks. You can also end up getting more income by recurring payments. (you may wish to add new content periodically or delay-release your content on the membership site)

There are no shortage to Member Factory alternatives as indicated above so which is best for you? It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for an affordable, membership site software then Member Factory is your ideal choice. If you’re looking for a full eco-system of buyers and affiliates in a strictly course system where you don’t mind paying more for the service then UDemy can be a good option. If you’re looking for a make-shift membership site onto your WordPress site then a WordPress membership plugin may be better.



Who is Member Factory for?


Member Factory is a great solution for anyone looking for a membership site software. These are some groups of individuals who may benefit most from Member Factory:

Product creators – Deliver a higher quality version of your product. Same content, better content distribution and user experience.

Internet Marketers/Affiliate marketers – Create a membership site to generate leads for your follow up email. People who consume content on membership sites will have more familiarity with you and your brand (having to log in to the website every time they access the content).

Make money online – Make a membership site and get recurring income with your content and occasional updates once you set up a funnel.

Member Factory effectively targets those who want to create info products and are looking for membership site software. It does a good job of doing so.

How to best use Member Factory?


Member Factory can be best used for various reasons but it’s especially useful for those looking to create a membership site. (Or those looking to inform their members and keep them updated – it’s also an improvement to most membership software.)

Branding – Create branding to recognize your online presence with a membership site since membership sites area typically well perceived with a lot of authority and content required to make one of those site providing instant creditability for membership site owners and brands. Create a membership site to build your internet marketing brand as you promote your membership site.

Content Delivery – Improve your content delivery with a membership site that allows users to mark of the progression through your course.

Saving Money – Keep more in your pocket with Member Factory than paying a commission percentage with UDemy or a high one-time fee.

Member Factory is best use for those who want a reliable and effective solution to create membership sites. Those who want something that does the average and more as well as those who want something well priced and competitive in the membership site niche.

Overall make sure you give Member Factory a look and check out the demo video. It’s about 5 minutes to see how MemberFactory works to create a membership site..

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You can find more information about Member Factory here.

Using the Explaindio Video FX software

Explaindio Video FX is a new video effects software that was released by Andrew Darius. The new Explaindio Video FX allows for people to easily add video effects to their existing videos. It also allows you to replace green screen background. Explaindio Video FX also assists you with video transitions as another perk.

The reviews for Explaindio Video FX have so far been mostly positive. People like the simplicity and ease of the tool while yet the functionality and versatility of the tool as noted.

Andrew Darius and his team have been known for Explaindio Video Creator which was released in summer of 2015. Andrew has built a reputation and brand around Explaindio for high quality software that internet marketers, webmasters, and businesses need. Likewise Explaindio Video FX came about after suggestions from customers. It is apparently the most suggested feature; to add video effects easily for anyone without technical background.


The new video effects software can be used for many situations but especially for video marketers looking to make their videos a little better. It also helps webmasters and business owners collectively; choose to use EVFX to create a video background or use EVFX for presentation of your business in a different hue or tone. Either ways many individuals have found Explaindio Video FX to be a very effective tool for many uses. While it’s simple it still serves a huge role.

Some webmasters commented regarding the use of Explaindio Video FX and Vigilink.

“It’s even value added if you can think of it as providing users with more information and resource they need.

I wonder how it would work with video content on websites however? Would they be able to turn embeded Youtube video with keyworded content (in description) to outbound links or would embeds be still left untouched? If they could, I could see this being used on a lot of video curating sites online today!

Video is on the rise especially with Explaindio releasing their video creator and now their video effects software just today:

I think you could really consider integrating a video test with your Vigilink website and seeing if they can integrate the automated link and whether it may help with your bounce rate (I do believe videos can help with bounce rate when place visibly on the front page)”